Gas Cooker Repair Electrocare Co. Down

Cooker Repair

At Electrocare we can help you with your cooker problems, providing a professional and reliable service. What we do: New elements / Replacement doors, hinges, glass, switches or knobs / New light bulbs / Thermostat repairs / Hob repairs / Fix timer/clock issues / Stop electrics tripping/blowing
Common cooker problems include: Oven not heating properly / Noisy fan / Problems with the door / Tripping or blowing your electrics / Element problems / Switch/knob problems / Faulty hob / Timer/clock faults

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Tumble Dryer Repair Electrocare Co. Down

Tumble Dryer Repair

We can repair any problems with your dryer, including: New elements / Replace thermostats / Replace belts/bearings / Replace doors/handles/catches/locks etc / Repair or replace motors
Common Tumble Dryer problems: Not heating / Overheating / Not turning / Strange noises / Not drying properly / Door/handle/catches/lock problems

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Washing Machine Repair Electrocare Co. Down

Washing Machine Repair

At Electrocare we can repair or replace parts to ensure your washing machine is back to full working capacity, including: New door seals / Pump repair/replacement / Repair or replace motor / Replace hoses/gaskets / New door locks/catches/handles
Common washing machine problems: Strange noises coming from your machine / Not making any noise at all / Programming issues / Not draining properly / Not spinning / Door won’t open / Not washing clothes properly / Not filling / Leaking/flooding machine / Drum problems

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Fridge & Freezer Repair Electrocare Co. Down

Fridge & Freezer Repair

Problems with fridges or freezers: Not chilling / Not freezing / Over freezing / Bulb/door/handle problems.
We can replace thermostats, handles bulbs etc

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